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NuCalm – Acworth, GA

Overcome Your Dental Fears Naturally

young woman in dental chair

Do your palms sweat, and your knees begin to shake at the thought of visiting your dentist? You are not alone. In fact, as much as one-third of adults avoid scheduling appointments because of dental-related fears and phobias. It is estimated, as much as 61% of people have some degree of anxiety about visiting their dentist. Now, sedation dentistry is a common solution to make going to the dentist easier. Although prescribed sedatives and controlled substances are effective, there is a more natural option. At Biologic Dentistry, we can help ease your worries with NuCalm.

What is NuCalm?

woman sitting in dental chair

You can sit back and relax while in our office without needing to turn to controlled substances or narcotics. Instead, you can use a safe and effective option. NuCalm uses neuroscience techniques to promote a sense of comfort without causing any adverse side effects. With over 1.1. million dental patients already benefiting from NuCalm sedation, many of them say they recommend it for those who are fearful of visiting the dentist.

How Does NuCalm Work?

man smiling in dental chair

The patented system is uniquely designed to help patients relax and stay calm during their visits. A topical cream that includes specific nutrients and amino acids is applied to help you relax. A special patch is placed behind each ear to deliver microcurrent stimulation to the brain. This interrupts your body’s response to stress and signals the release of hormones to help you relax.

We also use noise-canceling headphones, which is perfect for those who are fearful of the sounds in the room. Neuroacoustic soundtracks are used to control your brainwave function to slow it to a level that is achieved right before you fall asleep. We also give you an eye mask or special glasses to block the light. This helps eliminate visual stimuli that may lead to anxiety.

Combining these methods are proven effective for naturally relieving dental fears and anxieties to help you enjoy your time in our office.

NuCalm VS Traditional Sedation

Traditional forms of sedation, like oral conscious or those that are delivered intravenously, are powerful and they can take time to dissipate. This often means you need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. Not to mention, you need to limit your activities until the effects of the sedative wear off.

NuCalm eliminates the need for making special transportation arrangements, and you can resume your normal activities the same day. NuCalm does not interfere with your cognitive abilities while also promoting your recovery process.

Sit Back and Relax Today

Now, there is no need to avoid seeing your dentist if you struggle with anxiety. As your holistic dentist, Dr. John Hamel, strives to provide safe, natural solutions that align with your overall well-being. If you have dental fears, there is no need to worry. Contact our office today to learn more about NuCalm and how it works for anxiety relief. We look forward to helping you enjoy your time in our office.